Global Trends in Science and Technology in Biopharmaceuticals


This newspaper (reporter Huang Xin) on October 26, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Documentation and Information Center and the American Chemical Abstracts Society held a special exhibition on biopharmaceuticals in Shanghai. They jointly issued a report on global scientific and technological trends in the field of biopharmaceuticals, including the overall report "Situation Analysis Report on Biopharmaceuticals R&D" and one of the special reports "Situation Analysis Report on Antibody Drugs R&D".

Reporters learned that the two reports are based on a large number of papers and patent data in related fields, using quantitative analysis and text mining research methods, focusing on global research and development in the overall field of biopharmaceuticals and antibody drugs, from the development trend of scientific research output, research theme layout, Theme Evolution direction, national and regional distribution, potential competition agencies, material and disease linkages, and so on. From the point of view, it reveals the innovation situation, innovation level, competition layout and research competition potential in various fields.

Yang Yanping, Information Consultant of Documentation and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liu Yu, Scientific Information Manager of American Chemical Abstracts Society, and Qiu Xiayang, Co-founder, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Shanghai Qiluruige Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd. have interpreted these two reports in depth, and expounded that great advances in science and technology such as big data and artificial intelligence have brought about great progress in research and development of biotherapeutic drugs. Great convenience.

Experts said that global research on monoclonal antibody drugs, vaccines and other directions is active, and cancer treatment is the focus of attention in the field of biopharmaceuticals. With the rapid development and maturation of biotechnology, the research topics in the field of biopharmaceuticals have gradually shifted from the research and development of antibodies and preventive vaccines to the development of therapeutic antibodies, recombinant protein drugs, cancer vaccines, gene therapy, cell and stem cell therapy and their application in more extensive diseases. Use. In the past five years, the research and development of antibody drugs mainly focus on cancer treatment and antiviral immunity, among which cancer treatment involves the study of colon tumors, breast tumors and other solid tumors.

At the same time, the number of antibody drugs ranks first in all sub-fields of biopharmaceuticals, and the research on "star targets" such as PD-1 and CTLA-4 has been active in recent years. Experts at the meeting believed that biotherapy derived from biopharmaceuticals has been applied to the treatment and clinical trials of a variety of clinical diseases, such as tumors, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, infectious diseases, endocrine diseases and cardiovascular diseases, and has become an important emerging field.

With the acceleration of global aging and the increasing incidence of cancer, biotherapy is the fourth generation of cancer therapy after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Whether it is antibody, fusion protein, cancer vaccine or gene and cell therapy, it provides a new therapeutic idea for cancer treatment, accelerates and stabilizes the application of immunotherapy in cancer treatment, and provides a cure for cancer. Bringing the dawn.

Experts say that anti-cancer drugs as the core of antibody drugs have great potential for development. Among them, monoclonal antibody drugs are the most important class of antibody drugs, and their market share will continue to climb.

Chinese Journal of Science (Industry, 7th Edition, 2018-11-01)