Company Profile

Likang Life Sciences is an innovative enterprise dedicated to development of immune cell therapy, with tumor-specific neoantigen as the target. It aims to provide personalized diagnosis and treatment services for cancer patients with the most cutting-edge precise detection and treatment methods. By now, the company has established close cooperative relationship with Chinese PLA General Hospital (301 Hospital), Beijing Cancer Hospital, and Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and is preparing several clinical trials. The company's goal is to establish a top cancer treatment center with advanced concepts, leading technologies and standardized services, and lead cancer treatment into a new era of personalized tumor immunotherapy.

Chen Li, Ph.D.

Founder, Chairman and CEO

Dr. Chen graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree, and then graduated from the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a Ph.D.’s degree. He had been working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Peking University Cancer Hospital & Institute. During his postdoctoral years, he has participated in several clinical trials of tumor immunotherapy. Dr. Chen also has years of experience in laboratory research on T-cell immunity and tumor immunotherapy. 

Shannon Cheung, CFA

Co-Founder and Vice Chairman

Mr. Cheung is a seasoned investor with over 20 years of experience in the investment, corporate finance and banking industries. Mr. Cheung is also the Founder and CEO of Averest Capital Group, an investment management firm managing venture investments in healthcare and technology sectors and a hedge fund. Prior to Averest Capital, Mr. Cheung was Managing Director of global banking coverage in HSBC Markets (Asia) Limited and Chief Representative of HSBC (Securities Business) Beijing Representative Office, where he was responsible for business origination of investment banking in China. Mr. Cheung was awarded of the Medal of Honour in 2014 and appointed as Justice of Peace in 2019 by the Government of Hong Kong.

Jia Mingming, M.D.

Vice-President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jia graduated from Shandong University with a bachelor's degree in medicine. Then, he graduated from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention with a major in immunology and a doctorate. He had been working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Jia has been engaged in research on T cell immunity and tumor immunotherapy for a long time, and published many SCI papers and participated in the compilation of several scientific monographs.

Li Xiaozhu, Ph.D.

Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Li received his B.Sc and M.Sc from Beijing Normal University and completed his Ph.D in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He joined the CAS Key Laboratory for Infection and Immunity, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as an associate professor. Dr. Li has been engaged in the research field of T cell immunity, oncolytic viral therapy and tumor immunotherapy for many years and published more than ten SCI papers.

Huang Qibin

Vice-President and Director of Cell Culture Core

Mr. Huang has many years of experience in the cell therapy industry and has participated in clinical trials and registration applications for cell therapy products such as CAR-T. Besides, he obtained a master's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from Chongqing Medical University.