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Neoantigen-specific T cells for adoptive T cell therapies

T cells play a major role in human immune response, and the ultimate purpose of a tumor vaccine is to activate and amplify tumor-specific T cells in vivo, so as to identify and kill tumor cells. T cell specific activation, enhancement and improvement are the key points of modern immunotherapy, and the objective is to achieve an effective and durable therapeutic effect. We selected several epitopes as targets based on the identification and screening of tumor-specific neoantigen epitopes for in vitro stimulating, activating and amplifying T cells, which were used for adoptive transfusion for treatment of patients. We have developed a number of techniques to ensure that T cells can be specifically activated and amplified, and interference of non- neoantigen specific T cells may be prevented. Moreover, through the optimization of the culture system, both the massive expansion of T cells and their ability to maintain multi-effect function, proliferation potential and form immune memory may be guaranteed. At present, products relevant to in vitro amplified neoantigen-specific T cells for adoptive therapy are at a pre-clinical stage of process optimization.