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Dendritic cells loaded with tumor-specific neoantigens

As the most important professional antigen presenting cell (APC) in the body, dendritic cell plays a very important role in anti tumor immune response. People have been looking for a dendritic cell vaccine against cancer for a long time, and hundreds of relevant clinical trials have been completed or underway around the world since 1995 when the first clinical trial report about it was published. The vaccine has been widely recognized in terms of safety and tolerance. We carefully constructed a high efficiency epitope expression vector for tumor neoplasm antigen, so as to guarantee effective cutting and presentation of antigen epitopes based on advancement of antigen expression level. Through scientific design and arrangement, the dendritic cell vaccine may present CD4+T cell epitopes and CD8+T cell epitopes simultaneously, so as to enhance the immune effect of the vaccine and promote the generation of immune memory, and form a long-term immune protection. Currently, clinical trials for dendritic cell drugs loaded with tumor-specific neoantigens have been initiated in cooperative hospitals.