Scientific Platform

Likang Neoantigen Epitope Analysis (LNEA)

In numerous tumor genome mutations, only a small part may produce tumor-specific neoantigens that can be identified by the immune system. The genes carrying the mutations are transcribed, translated into proteins, and then processed into antigenic peptides and presented on relevant cell surfaces. Each cancer patient carries a unique combination of neoantigens. For this challenge, we developed an AI analysis platform for effective prediction of neoantigen epitope. Moreover, with accumulation of clinical and laboratory data, this analysis platform can continuously optimize the algorithm through in-depth learning, so as to improve the efficiency of prediction. As the cornerstone of our tumor-specific neoantigens targeting therapy, Likang Neoantigen Epitope Analysis (LNEA) platform has been successfully applied in development and production of tumor vaccines and T cell products of our company.